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On this page, there are a sample of weapons and miscellaneous items on view, which give an indication of the range of artefacts recovered and conserved by the team.

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Wooden stocks of muskets
and hand guns in storage
A brass gunlock manufactured by H. Nock in 1795.
These were mounted on the breeches of De Braak's carronades and and were proved to be the earliest examples of such ordnance technology discovered to date

A container of iron

Cannons recovered for
the wreck being carefully stored in temperature
and humidity controlled conditions
A detail on one of the cannons


Charles explains details of the cannon to the Initiative Don Shomette with the cannon

Miscellaneous  Items

Copper sheathing tacks were recovered,
each with the Royal Navy broad arrow
stamped on the undersides of their heads
18th century parallel rules used for navigation One of the ship's anchors

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