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Over 20,000 artefacts were recovered from the wreck and this presented a formidable problem for Charles Fithian and Claudia Leister.  in addition to items of shipboard life, personal articles were recovered and the pictures below represent a very small selection of the wonderful artefacts that have been preserved.  For a more detailed account of these, it is recommended that the book by Donald G Shomette is read or that contact is made with the State of Delaware Historical and Cultural Affairs.

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Ceramics and Glassware

Charles exhibits a
white wear plate
Glazed pottery items in storage Pottery and glassware. A well preserved glass bottle A decorative clear glass container

Charles shows some of the jugs in storage that have been recovered


A sailor's Monmouth hat, the only intact
specimen recovered
from an English shipwreck
A piece of fabric from a seaman's trousers Leather footwear, some with laces were recovered A close up of one leather shoe Woollen socks were recovered, this one is in good condition

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